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About us

Observatory of Economic Conjuncture of the Border Economy (OCEF) is a project for the dissemination of the Department of Economic Studies of the College of the Northern Border (DEE-THE COLEF), whose primary objective is to provide monthly information to follow up on the economic development of the northern border region of Mexico, using the main macroeconomic indicators at the regional level. The information platform seeks to strengthen the economic culture regional in our society, indispensable for improving the democratic dialog in the country.

Observatory of Economic Conjuncture of the Border Economy (OCEF) originates in the Dee-THE COLEF with reason of the acceptance of the "Initiative of decree by the reforming, added and repealing various provisions of the Law of the Value Added Tax , the Law of the special tax on production and services and of the Fiscal Code of the Federation", which includes the implementation of the overall rate of 16 per cent to commercial transactions made by residents in the border region with the aim to harmonize the tax treatment of the tax activities to be carried out in that region with those to be carried out in the rest of the country that entered into force With effect from 1 January 2014.

The basis of the platform is that the information timely, truthful and relevant is a strategic element to evaluate the efficiency, justice, and neutrality of the decisions taken with regard to the impacts in the border region. The opportunity indicates the need to have the information at the time that is needed to monitor the impacts. The veracity, it refers to the fact that information is exactly the record of the facts. Finally, the relevance refers to the fact that the information is appropriate for the sustenance of the decision. To the extent that these characteristics of the information closer to the ideal desired we will be in a position to ensure the reliability of the information and the ability of the same to support decision-making processes at the regional level.

The computing platform geo-referenced will integrate the information available in official institutions as the INEGI and information generated by regional institutions.


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